Over 40 years of experience in the early education sector.


Managing Director

Since 2004 Sean has been involved in childcare acquisitions, developments, operations and most relevant technology.  Sean has gone on to work with some of the world’s leading childcare providers in Australia, USA, Canada and Singapore.

Infocare is the second childcare software acquired after buying Australia’s second largest platform Kidsoft in 2017 and takes his most impactful experiences into account when establishing the best outcomes for Infocare customers.

Having experienced such a diverse range of business in the childcare sector globally, Sean is well equipped to share this knowledge in all his ventures.

Outside of work Sean continues his love of travel, family and personal development recognising the true value in always learning.


Lead Developer

Vinh brings more than 10 years of experience in enterprise software using open-source technologies and frameworks in both back-end and front-end. He has a sense of curiosity and desire to always be learning, keeping up-to-date to the latest technology stacks.

At Infocare, Vinh works closely with both Leadership and Development teams to deliver the best outcomes to Infocare’s customers.

Outside of work, Vinh is a family man, a husband and father of 2 daughters. He enjoys gardening, cooking Vietnamese food, making beer and… washing dishes! He loves road trips and will continue his journey to explore New Zealand.


Head of Customer Success and Administration

Fiona is a trained ECE Teacher and Nanny. Before joining Infocare in 2006, she spent many years managing childcare centres, and then became the Director Trainer and Infocare Manager for ABC Learning Centres.

Mother of three, with now grown up children, Fiona has followed all of her children in their chosen sports over the years and been heavily involved in managing many of their sports teams.  But the time has come for her to relinquish those duties which has freed up more of her time to spend with family and friends both of which she treasures greatly!


Customer Success Manager

Verity has a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation majoring in Health and Physical Education which led her to working with Auckland Council.

Verity undertook responsibility of administration for 11 Early Learning centres within Auckland Council.

As an end-user of Infocare, Verity is very familiar with our system, has high expectations of customer experience, and understands what is necessary to streamline ECE operations.

Verity emigrated from the UK in 2007. Outside of work she enjoys the gym, spending time with her family, partner, and of course her cars!


Senior Developer & Tech Lead Consultant

Yukio comes from a mixed background with 8 years of software development in the industry and 4 years of academic research in digital signal processing and machine learning.

At Infocare Yukio is the developer of the New Look project and leads the development team on other development and maintenance aspects.

Outside of work, Yukio enjoys gardening, Japanese calligraphy, cooking and Zumba dancing.


Systems Development Consultant

Russell has been with Infocare since the beginning – way back in 2003. Before the evolution of Infocare, Russell managed a team of 24 systems developers for a building society.

Married to Karen, they have a brood of three sons and a daughter… not to mention the four grandchildren that refer to him as ‘Grandpa the Marvellous!’

Russell is also a model engineer and likes to make model steam engines.