Red Light Setting

4th March 2022 by Infocare Solutions

***UPDATE: 24th January 2022 until 31 May 2022***

The Ministry of Education have extended the current EC12 exemption for all services to Tuesday 31 May.

This means the exemption remains active even if your region moves from the Red setting to the Orange setting of the COVID-19 Protection Framework during this time click here to read more in the He Pānui Kōhungahunga.


We held a webinar on what to do in Infocare when under Red Light Setting. To watch the recording, click here.


All services are currently in the Red Light setting, ensure you update your Centre Calendar with any one of these options:

  • Emergency close – If approved by the Ministry of Education/your local Te Mahau office; services can apply the “Emergency close” option.
  • EC12 Service Open – no attendances – to be used when your service is open and staffed, but no enrolled children turn up. Please note that your service must be open and staffed throughout your full operating hours for that specific day to be able to use this code.
  • EC12 Service Open – with attendances – to be used when your service is open and has at least one child in attendance.


Important Notes:

  1. For any days that your service was not planning to operate update your Centre Calendar as normal. E.g. Service closed/School holiday.
  2. For any children that you are not entitled to claim funding for under the MoE guidelines here, select “No Funding” on the appropriate sign in sheets for these children; or select “Exclude” if they have left your service, end their enrolment.
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