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25th August 2022 by Infocare Solutions

Features you may not be aware of in Infocare.
Labels and Photos for Reports


Many services will be familiar with the struggle to retain staff (this includes teachers, support, and admin staff) and having to use relievers a lot more due to reoccurrence of Covid, the Flu and RSV. With the surge of relievers and them not necessarily knowing children by name do you have processes in place to help with things like allergies, bags/item identification, medical lists?

Infocare allows you to add photos to children’s profiles whereby these photos translate to a myriad of reports in the system. These reports include Full Medical reports, Allergy reports, Diet reports, Labels.

If you are not familiar with this feature, follow the below steps to see how you can apply the children’s photos and then find the repots mentioned above.


1) Add Photos to Childrens Profiles
Firstly, you need to head to the “Children” menu, and select a children’s profile you are wanting to add a photo to. Then select the “Photos” tab.


2) Upload New Photos
Click the “Upload Photo” button to add a new photo. Ensure you select the report locations you would like this photo to show. Add comments if you wish. If you have the Parent Portal, these comments will be visible here.



3) Find the Reports
Once you have uploaded the photo, it will be instantly available to use in reports etc. To find the medical reports click on the “Reports” menu > “Child Reports” > “Medical”.



4) Choose the Report You Need
Once here, you can use the dropdown box to select the report you wish to view/print.



5) Print the Report
When you have the report you wish to print, click “Print to Printer”.



5) Use These Photos in Labels
The other aspect as we mentioned that you can utilise the photos are the labels section. You can use these for cubbyhole allocation, bag tags, lunch boxes, drink bottles, and many more.

To find this head to the “Utilities” menu and then select “Labels”.


5) Choose Your Parameters
Once here, like with the medical reports, you can choose a range of different items to add to the labels to suit your needs. You can use the drop-down boxes to have a look to see what you may wish to add. You are also able to play and change Number of labels per page, Photo height in pixels, and Logo height in pixels.


5) Print Your Labels
Once you are happy with your report, click the “Print to Printer” button to print this.

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