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23rd May 2023 by Infocare Solutions

Maximise your 20 Hours ECE in Infocare
Around Public Holidays


Many services will have children attesting 20 Hours ECE with them. These are allocated in a variety of combinations, with the most common (for children enrolled 6 hours or more, 5 days per week) being:
– Monday = 0 Hours
– Tuesday = 6 Hours
– Wednesday = 6 Hours
– Thursday = 6 Hours
– Friday = 2 Hours

The reason that this is the most common is due to the majority of Public Holidays in New Zealand falling on a Monday. You may, however, have this allocation laid out slightly differently, either due to the primary caregiver/guardian’s requesting a specific allocation, due to a previous public holiday, or due to the child’s booked days.

In order to maximise your 20 Hours ECE allocated on a Public Holiday you can move these to another day of the child’s booking.

Firstly you will want to run a report in Infocare to see the allocation of 20 Hours ECE, vs. the child’s booked days/times. Use the report pathway below to find this report:

– Reports
– Child Reports
– Child Details
– Category = Over 3
– Print Mode = Booked 20 Hours ECE
– -> Click “Print”
– In the “Fields” you are going to ensure that you have/add:
– Row Number
– Name
– Timetable.Booked Hours
– Timetable.20 Hours ECE
– Timetable.20 Hours ECE Elsewhere
– -> Click “Apply”

NB: If you want to save this report, rename it and click “Save”. Next time when you click “Print Mode” scroll to the bottom where it will have “Custom Print Modes” and this report will be there ready to go.


In the report we can see above, we are going to focus on “Logan Bear”. Logan is booked for 6 hours per day, for 5 days in the week. The week that has been selected has a Public Holiday on the Friday (Matariki).

Logan’s allocation of 20 Hours ECE are as follows:
– Monday = 0 Hours
– Tuesday = 6 Hours
– Wednesday = 6 Hours
– Thursday = 6 Hours
– Friday = 2 Hours

As Logan is booked in on a Monday as well, we can move his 2 Hours of 20 Hours ECE from the Friday, to the Monday.

To move this allocation of 20 Hours ECE, we need to give Logan a new Timetable for that week. This is how we do this:

– Children
– Select “Logan” (you will do this individually for each child this applies to).
– Click “Timetable”
– Click “Add”
– Date the timetable effective the Monday the Timetable is applicable for (in this case: 10/07/2023).
              – NB: Remember, we are not changing the child’s booked times, only their allocation of 20 Hours ECE where their booking allows. Unless there is a change of enrolment request that coincides with this week.
– Navigate to the 20 Hours ECE row, and change the allocation accordingly.


– Add a comment if you wish (you may wish to say “Moved 20 Hours ECE to the Monday for Public Holiday”).
– Click “Update” to save this.
– You will need to print this for the primary caregiver/guardian to sign as you are changing their previous attestation of 20 Hours ECE.

NB: You will want to add another timetable for the following week (continuing from the above example: dated 17/07/2023) to move the 20 Hours ECE back to the Friday. This again needs to be printed and signed for. 

We recommend running this report before any public holiday to see if there are any children in the same or similar situation to Logan.

2023 Public Holidays

  • Sunday 1st January – New Year’s Day
  • Monday 2nd January – Day after New Year’s Day
  • Tuesday 3rd January – New Year Holiday
  • Monday 23rd January – Wellington Anniversary Day
  • Monday 30th January – Auckland Anniversary Day / Nelson Anniversary Day
  • Monday 6th February – Waitangi Day
  • Monday 13th March – Taranaki Anniversary Day
  • Monday 20th March – Otago Anniversary Day
  • Friday 6th April – Good Friday
  • Monday 10th April – Easter Monday
  • Tuesday 11th April – Southland Anniversary Day
  • Tuesday 25th April – ANZAC Day
  • Monday 5th June – King’s Birthday
  • Friday 14th July – Matariki
  • Monday 25th September – South Canterbury Anniversary Day
  • Friday 20th October – Hawkes’ Bay Anniversary Day
  • Monday 23rd October – Labour Day
  • Monday 30th October – Marlborough Anniversary Day
  • Friday 17th November – Canterbury Anniversary Day
  • Monday 27th November – Chatham Islands Anniversary Day
  • Monday 4th December – Westland Anniversary Day
  • Monday 25th December – Christmas Day
  • Tuesday 26th December – Boxing Day
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