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5th November 2020 by Infocare Solutions

The Key to Sustainability, Accessibility, and Standardisation

Paper, paper, paper. The way of ECE in New Zealand today is that which requires paper to be used for so many aspects of its day to day routine. New Zealand in particular is absolutely torn to shreds with the amount of paper waste. We go through an estimated 600,000 tonnes of paper and cardboard waste produced each year (according to this 1News article). Surely, there has to be a way around this? A way to be more sustainable?

Sustainability doesn’t just come from how many times can your printer prints your sign in sheets, staff rosters, or opening and closing checklists. It is about how can we sustain our levels of waste at a global rate. The sheer volume of waste produced affects the environment in various ways: its contribution to the deterioration of climate crisis, its negative influence on nature and wildlife, and its detriment to our own health (Earthday, 2019).

It is not feasible nor sustainable for our centres, nation, or globe to continue producing so much paper and the inevitable paper waste.

What can we do about this?

We can reduce the amount of paper we use! 1Place Childcare enables the reduction of paper forms for your centre/s, so you’re not just doing your bit for your staff – by making less paperwork for them, you’re doing your bit for our climate. 1Place is an online compliance management system designed to move your forms and checklists online, so they’re all in the one place, paper-free. You can use 1Place for child incident forms, open and close forms, learning environment audits, maintenance tickets and more.

By using 1Place, you reduce the need for hundreds of paper forms each year. If this is just for one centre, imagine the difference this makes across the growing number of childcare facilities nationwide and globally.

Accessibility doesn’t just come from moving all your compliance paper forms online, it comes from improved visibility and the ability to see all forms and checklists, in one place!

Ideal for both individual or multi-site organisations, 1Place allows managers and owners to view all of the forms and procedures that need to be completed on a daily basis. Additionally, staff in the centres can manage their workload and workflows more efficiently, easily prioritising and recording any tasks that arise.

1Place allows you to customise your forms to suit your needs, ensuring a tailored yet standardised approach to your compliance and checklists. Standardisation is great for larger organisations, to maintain a consistent approach across your centres.

So New Zealand, are you doing you bit? Become sustainable, become accessible, standardise, and become paper-free. Learn more with 1Place Childcare.

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